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                  Testimony - 'Oh Israel!'

                     ~  Oh Israel! Ye have compassed the mountain, long enough!  ~
Thomas L Rodgers                Given Sept 5 1993                    (Written Sat Sep.4,93 3:55am)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters:
   Today is Sept 5 1993.
   On the morrow you should have already received notice of, or attended the viewing, funeral, and burial of this standing carcass;
-- according to accepted medical experience!
   So today, may I take freedom to paraphrase, to express a precious personal belief;
   -- Please remember these are my own words, -- of my own experience; and I ask only that you consider them with reverence, and the courage to examine, or understand, -- so you may benefit!

   'Yet oh Israel, in this day, the red sea has been parted, and ye have perceived it not!
   Israel, in this day, the column of smoke, and the pillar of fire is again exposed, and ye have comprehended it not!
   And again the rock is smitten, and the waters of knowledge flow forth, and still ye drink it not!
   And now once more, manna, the breads of heaven, and the food of the angels, has been offered, -- and refusing still, ye partake it not!
   -- so as afore, provoking again the Most High, in the wilderness, and crying as did ye unto Moses (at Kibrotha-avah),
   -- ye continue to say: ‘where is the flesh for our tables!
   -- And so, blinded with appetite and lust, and being cold of compassion, ye have again deprived and bled the innocent of life!
Ye have defiled and devoured the created, -- and so, have provoked and offended the Creator, the Most High!
   -- Thus in rending His quail! -- ye have wrot your own destruction!'

   Is this truth? Brothers and Sisters, it is for you to judge!
   But In Feb 1990 malignant cancer was found as it had began its ravaging march through this offending body!
   This life should have terminated in concert and in like fashion of friend and good man, dear Governor Scott Matheson,
-- but was blessed by a few honorable men and women in science, at the V A and U of U, with spirit valiant to save this life.
   So in heroic effort, began the 3 years of desperate, pain riddled,, and lonely struggle for renewed life, -- all unnoticed, -- hence unknown to you, this body's brethren!
   Yet death continued its justified assaults and repeated attempts against this offensive body: -- in three ischemia strokes, in arrhythmia, (PVC), infarction, and persistent angina occurring during and beyond two (each) three hour surgeries and therapy thereafter!
   Then, one year and a half later, on June 30 1991, -- death won!  In a simple scratch to the hand -- this compromised immune system, -- no longer abled to function, -- failed; thus, in deep shock, this spirit was consented to the veil!
   How wonderful and sweet were those moments! --
   What profound change in understanding was permitted there!

  But concerned that his children and young family be not left fatherless, he begged return,-- that he might care for them! And so an eternal contract was set! -- Nothing else was to die -- so that he might live!

   With his understanding made clear, and having made this irrevocable covenant and bond with his brethren and sisters there,
   he was lovingly released from the veil, -- with the promise of their close companionship in his returned life's journey, if he honored forever this most righteous command!
   So now with labored breath, this man called not for his family, nor friends, nor for his brethren, -- for in that very hour his young family, and all, -- except for the three already on missions, or just called, -- were sitting with you, here, -- unaware, in this very room! (this Woods Cross 3rd ward chapel)
   -- Instead -- his call was for that caring woman, whose task it was, given by the hospital, to provided for his sustenance;
   And being a sister, of sweet and sensitive spirit, she understood his strange and unusual request, and so, did in valiance, see to it:
   -- That nothing more, lost its life to feed this fragile man!
 So in this marvelous challenge, she no longer filled his plate those things of corruption, (extortion, blood,) and death;
 but brought now in his tray, the bounty of the compassionate substances of life, the breads of heaven, and foods of the angels,
   -- of only those gentle nourishments found at the Lord’s table,
   -- 'were none are hurt, and none made afraid!'

   And so this body was blessed, so that within the next six weeks his surgeons could not comprehend or explain the change!

   And it was then that a few of you were now able to view him, and hear his feeble but desperate pleas in love before you.
   But most, as before, saw not, heard not, -- so perceived not,
   or worse, were offended, (even reviling and taunting with a piece of dead flesh pushed to his face.)

   So why is he standing before you again today?
 -- Because on Sept 5 1991, he was tested once more by death, with a 4th stroke stealing sight and function one more time.
 This provided a securing test,-- for some mocked more, saying
   "See your pure diet did not save you from another stroke, it cannot be right!" (What an opportunist is Lucifer!)
   But for this humbled man, his course was made even more secure, knowing perseverance and patience was required in repairing the damage of 50 follied years! Eternal law is only timely satisfied!
   And this uncomely modest man has not deviated to this day!

   So brothers and sisters, this is why I stand before you this day, Sept 5 1993 -- this day on which, in accepted medical experience, at the two year mark, -- this body -- that is I -- should now be dead;
   the parody being, that on the 24th of July last, this body did the medically impossible, -- not with olympic speed, -- but, with humble dignity, -- did complete the 26.2 mile marathon! -- encouraged, and born up, by my brothers and sisters through the veil;
   -- because, -- though trembling and humble before my compassionate Lord, -- in this gentle celestial law! -- I do now please Him!
   -- and so, -- in His unfailing promise, -- I live!
   And if indeed, on the morrow, should I be called forth by death; I would go in peace; assured by my now continued repentance, and firm reverence for All life!
   With my hands and garments no longer bloodied, -- all life, -- my Lords handiwork, -- will be now found at peace with me!
   So now I am required from within me, to ask!
   'Oh Israel, how long will ye continue your violence against the Lord, and all that is His? -- How long will ye continue this violence, against yourselves, and against your children?
   Israel, Ye have compassed the mountain long enough! Turn ye now; to Please the Lord! -- and Live!'
   This, my blessed (alive) body, is my witness of His promise, and of Him!
In the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord, Amen.

Thomas L Rodgers

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