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                             Taught at Veil, I live.
                                                                                                Nov. 16, 92
Family, Brothers and Sisters, Friends close to my heart:
    As cancer and stroke took me to the veil, I was there preserved in the loving embrace of my Lord... There, I was privileged to plain and precious understanding,..changed, was my entire view of life, and, eternity.
    Tenderly taught the Sanctity of Life, I was shown, that all the handiwork of my God, is most dear to Him,.. and that my harm to it, in the slaughter of His precious creations, His animals. .my eternal brothers and sisters,. . my innocent earth companions, ... was, and is unnecessary, ugly, and repulsive to Him,..
    and that none, that is, nothing, need die that I might live!
    I was taught, that my now preserved life, was to be built on life - no longer to be made dead, no longer to be fed on man's putrid substances of death!

    And now, neither anger, nor violence, of any form,.. nothing vile, nor foul was to find, or have place in me;
that my every thought, my every word, my every action was to be born of the purest and kindest of Godly Love;

    So, in all things, my contribution to Earth, Life, and all my eternal family, was to add only Peace!
there-in, obeying Him, and pleasing Him!., in His sweet promise,.. I would be preserved, and Loved.

    Then, each of my days would bring the glorious joy of added understanding, even hidden treasures of knowledge,.. and each day I would find and add happiness. And, I would know my heavenly family and friends once more,.. even before returning to their glorious presence, --  being tutored through their scriptures, and their hovering spirits,- if and as I am found worthy.

    So, Please, feel the heart of this grateful, simple man, as trembling, I bare open my soul to you, trying to share these precious pearls, gained at the edge of my life,. .as I was lovingly preserved, in My Lords gentle arms.

    My Lord is Gracious,
and though I am yet feeble,.. a yet frail and humbled man, --  my gratitude and love for Him, and for all life,...all that is His,..can not, neither should not, be restrained.

    My privilege to life, today, is His beautiful and loving gift to me,
    Now I know I would profane my Lord,..I would profane charity, love, and all that is righteous, and my own gratitude, if., in return,
destroyed life, any life, for my own foolish appetite!.. and I would forfeit His promise if I chose not to champion this, His gentle and loving will.
    But now,.. knowing Him, I must and do, champion my Lord,. .
to the protecting of all the precious works of His glorious hands,.. and now, preserving all His life in my domain, I no longer offend Him,
    and I live!
Bro. Thomas Lynn Rodgers

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