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                   In One Ignorant Act --

                                                                -- All are Diminished

Through the singular and deceptively innocent act of consuming any animal's tissues! -- an egg, a hamburger, a piece of chicken, of fish, any muscle, piece of flesh or meat, a piece of cheese, or an ever more innocent appearing glass of milk -- any animal food -- all animal foods --  we deny love, we deny charity, we deny wisdom, we deny life! (As a once dairyman rancher, I speak from the awful experience of my own blood filled hands) -- All do involve enslavement, violence, suffering and death!

In a single act, Lucifer has succeeded in making us party with him his extortive and terrible deeds -- denying as many as possible, complete happiness and fulfilled measures of creation -- something, which he, Lucifer, in his vile jealousy, can never experience! -- Thereby we do bring to him his vile satisfaction as he traps us within our own appetites, for flesh, for blood, for destruction, and death!

First, being so elegantly deceived, we cause the needless, useless exploitive enslavement, violence and destruction of the innocents -- those without spot before the Lord -- our spirit brothers and sisters of creation, unfortunately subjected in our unwise and oppressive charge!

Second, lacing our own, and our children's arteries and bodies with the flesh and fats of our earth companions -- corruption and disease are brought into and upon us -- debasing us, impairing our health, and our service -- and speeding our own deaths -- adding to Lucifer's Pleasure!

Third, by us, the privileged affluent, eating high on the food chain on animal's flesh, we do extort the grains, foliage and forests, and earth's precious resources -- to artificially proliferate and fatten flesh -- produce animal's ova and the milk of its young -- for our own bellies -- while the already hungered, helpless, often disenfranchised, children and the poor of the earth are robbed of the nourishment that is rightfully theirs. Our gift to them in return, is starvation and death! -- while we engorge, satiate and sicken ourselves, in our own base Narcissism!

Fourth, In the foolishness of our extortive consumption, we add destruction and death to all the elements of Earth and Nature; poisoning the soils, the waters, the air and Heavens -- with the putrid products of corruption and death -- causing the Spirit of Earth, Herself, to Mourn and Suffer, terribly, in this painful sorrow and dying upon wrought on Her -- by our bloodied hands!

Fifth, And finally, in this ignorant and awful partnership,
 -- we do bring to ourselves, and sadly, to our children, the sure condemnation and displeasure of our God -- as Lucifer succeeds in separating us further from our Heavenly Father and His Gentle, Tender, Kindly, Divine Delight in Life and His delight in Creation -- that which is the Eternal Joy and Pleasure of God!

So In one Ignorant act, we defile ourselves, desecrate the Earth, deny life, deny love!
-- and we deny God!

                                                                                                                             . Thomas Lynn Rodgers, 30 Aug 92

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