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    The unique words below, different from the world's more commonly accepted concepts, were impressed within my heart during my brush with death June 30, 1991 and in the subsequent hours and weeks afterwards.

    They worked within, for the more than year of my ensuing healing! Forming and remaining secure within, while my sight restored, paralysis subsided, and my speech and writing abilities began their return; and sixteen months passing until -- with the help of an enabling computer, gifted to me by a kind Brother-in-Law -- I could struggle to recognize, type and organize our language's once simple letters; finally for me, forming our human communicative representations in these wondrous words below!
    Humbly recorded in this homely form, upon Earth's terrestrial papers, I finally could share them with my family, brothers, sisters,, companions, stewards of my Faith and friends; all with kind and understanding spirits, these personally sacrid feelings of Heavenly order!
    These words facilitated my healing changes, and provoked the sweet redoing of my tradition, thoughts and behaviors; and so have brought renewing life, peace, and a greater love for my Lord, His courageous Disciples and Prophets, ever trying to teach man healing and truth throughout all time! Many hundreds (now many thousands) of the Lord'd children and my friends consequently heard, and likewise have been now benefited!
    If you are offended, or there is error recorded herein, it is because of my flawed humanity, not because of that precious Spirit of Truth that protected me from death, while also impressing these feelings and words within in those precarious moments between my life and close death!
    Already ten years beyond my medically designated death time, these words have proven for me as life blessing and true. -- Now, neither my  vigoruously functioning body nor I can deny them, nor that marvelous Spirit that lovingly set them acting and working firmly within me over ten years ago!  I thank my Prophets and our eternally loving Lord!
Sincerely, Thomas Lynn Rodgers                                                                     Jan 12,  2002
                           None Die that I Might Live

        Six Thousand Years ago, the greatest lie and
most elegant of deceptions  was peddled to man;

    It began as one man was coerced, cajoled and convinced
to slay his brother -- for his flocks!

    So Man did purchase, with innocents’ blood,
the perverse snake’s oil concoction, ...of sloth,. .of greed,..of violence,.. and death,
in Lucifer's venal Lie,.. that  --Men must haveflesh to live!” --

        So in that terrible moment, Lucifer's reign of blood and terror,
upon the Earth, began:

    In evil designs,.. in conspiracies,.. in lies upon lies,
...flesh taken, for the fleshed,.. and blood, for the bloodied!
    Violence and death, ...feeding violence upon violence,
...the dead, ...upon the dead!

as Lucifer's and man's vile “war”- ”the desire for more cattle”(sanskrit)
...did commence its awful assault,.. against good, and God.
...against all creation!
            -- therein began,.. all the desolations of man!

        But yesterday,.. in Gods greater love,..
His power and word was sent.
    Through a humble, unschooled, plain,.. but sincere man,
...gentle and kind, our Lord;
    our Dear Prophet and brother, and eternal friend,..
    Joseph Smith.

        Exposing the Lie,
engaging,.. provoking,., and bruising, the dark author's head,
...with valiant command,
    he Pleased God!
-- But offending the vile and violent, the world's fleshfouled man.
he then, by man,.. my Prophet pure, innocence, like Abel,. was slain.

        So, today, wiser, in his wisdom, ...more loving, in his love,
I follow his soft counsel,.. My Prophet, and brother, friend;

    Each moment brings new wonder,.. each day’s new joy is made sure, hands now washed clean,., my heart now mends pure,..
... as the gentle, and soft, and eternal kind ease,
of My Lords tender ways, brings sweet savored peace!

    Now invited; I sit, with my Prophet and friend, with all earth’s family,
joined in our love, with our Dear Lord, at His table spread full, and kindly,
    where heaven’s bounty, in beauty, is carefully laid,..
    where none are hurt, . . and none, made afraid!

...Yet the sweetest peace of all,.. to me, ..My Lord does give!
... as in my soul,.. His love assures,
       None!.. that is...
            Nothing need die, that I might live!

Thomas Lynn Rodgers
                                              (recorded Oct 20, 1992 -- from experience of June 30 1991)
*None, applies to all individuals of God's creatures or members of  His animal kingdom! --
               -- Hence the  finished form of  My Covenant becomes:  "Nothing need die that I might live!"

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