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                           My Friend The Ox

                                    grateful for the added
                                                          peace in my being,

                my life is no longer diminished by the sword
                                              but is replenished by the plowshare...

                                ...The Ox, no longer my prey,..
                        has become again, as he was in the beginning,
            my friend and companion of great strength and innocent trust,..

         clearing my field,.. and drafting my plow,..
                           conditioning my soil,.. as my grand helpmate
                                              in the multiplying, and replenishing the Earth,

                       renew and sustain life,

                no longer to be destroyed,..
                            for me,
                                      or by me
                                                at my own hand,
                                                            -- or someone else's, for me,

            ...and Now I know, my friend the Ox, my Earth, My Lord
                                                                           and All of Heaven is Pleased!

                                                                                            . Thomas Lynn Rodgers, 2 July 92

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