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 Run and Not Be Weary!

   Dear Family, My Leaders, Dad, David Ray, Brothers, Sisters and loving friends:

   Here is more evidence of the validity of the kindly counsel with which my Lord, and you, encouraged me, some two years ago. Thank you!

   On the 24th of this July last; this once dead man, did run!
 -- Not with Olympic speed, nor in the laud of Worldís fanfare; -- but in Heavens quiet dignity; this once cancered, stroke, and pain racked body, did complete the 26.2 mile course; -- born up and cheered on in eternities love, by my Heavenly brothers and sisters through the veil!

   And as I ran, my heart was toward my pioneer ancestors; my feet embracing the very path, they so valiantly trod many years ago. In spirit I reach to them in gratitude for their sacrifice made for me and my children, as in great peril they had passed this way before.
   I viewed their painful mountain climb and struggle, some having already given up all they had; driven by faith and love, as they cleared growth and soil, and rolled great boulders; bruising both hands and feet to cut the canyonís path, to this, their desert refuge, -- our now sweet mountain home!

   So in those sweet moments, I saw fulfilled Dear Brighamís vision;
 -- unfolded before me, as I entered this now green Valley, and caught sight of itís most beautiful crown, itís hallowed Temple. I then knew of their courage; and promised that in my every step, from this day on, -- I would forever honor them! -- as in their race, -- I had won!

   What better proof can there be of the wise counsel of a young man, voicing the will of the Lord, some one hundred fifty years ago; then gently echoed in you, His precious leaders of today. I am forever grateful that you also, encouraged me to follow His sweet counsel;
  The blessings reaped are now without number; but of all, to be restored life; to be here with my family, -- and with you, my beloved Brethren -- is most grand!

   Again I pray your load with us be lightened; that you be given strength, and comfort, in your every step -- as in courageous lead -- your beckoned calls, do cheer us on:

-- To lengthen stride in righteous sprint -- that we might win Godís' Glorious 'Gold', in the grandest race of all!

   Bro Thomas Lynn Rodgers,          27 Sept 1993
July 24, 1993

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