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[Following is a note to a dear friend and person of my Faith who carried a responsibility for many of my community. I shared these thoughts with him as there was a community debate going on about gambling, abortion and a private discussion on keeping personal journals and records!

I pressed for another important issue to surface at this same time; i.e. our stewardship over our bodies and our children's future and their Earth!]
 Gambling, Abortion, Journals? -- Clean Your Room! Now!

                                                                                                            Fri 20 Nov 92, 4:18am
Re: Wrecking our children's future and their Earth while in perpetual rhetoric over gambling, abortion ( journals) -- and not enough else!

To my Dear Friend (and kind Mentor of Spirit):

   In this moment we trifle with words against gambling and our lips vibrate concerns over abortion!
...True, each one indeed is vile and unacceptable!
   Yet, still in our ignorance and base extortions,.. abortion, infanticide, genocide, homicide, even suicide courses through our very own veins,
...installed through our mouths, by the swords, spears and spades at our tables,
   and all the Heavens and all Creation mourns our folly.

   In all our other concerns,.. correct as they are,..
...if we do not take serious our need also for charitable change in our stewardship of our own Earth home,..
our personal counsels, diaries and journals will only serve as useless kindling in a fuel-less world, as our posterity struggle, starve, chill and are let to die; they are left truly ignorant, cold, diseased and hungry; looking, not knowing what to find, scavenging, looting and being looted,.. the mountains of carcasses, styrofoam and toxic refuse; gasping for clean air in our acridly left vapors; and finding only putrid brine for their drink oozing from the piles of our blind and lethal legacy of narcissistic rubbish left to them.

   We must not be found foolishly believing,.. in our own slothful excuse,.. that God will somehow miraculously cleans the world for us, or for them!
We have made the deadly mess, so rightly we must be its undoers!

   As a true and correct Father, His words have always been, and now still are... as any righteous parent's words would be...
“My dearest sons and daughters! You have made your room a mess,..
   ...Now You! Clean it up!

   ...His true Sons and daughters will, with their own hands and with their own wisdom, do as He directs...
   So it is the righteous Brothers and Sisters of wisdom that will and must literally perform the Earth's purifying labor!
   ...and only they will be left upon Her to make the compassionate change and appropriate choices in the Earth's and Her children's future and continuing care!

My dearest friend: The pure in heart are making those choices, now!

Sincerely, Bro Thomas Lynn Rodgers

P.S.: Multiply and replenish,.. ‘provide bread and care for (see Dominion’-Sskrt/anct hbrw) the Earth';., sustained on the divinely commanded herbs and fruits,.to fuel our pure and gentle energies. See the scriptures,, and the clear words and writings of  Joseph Smith (supported now by honest science!).

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