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                      The BYU Taco            Nov 21, 1992

   Having gone down to BYU to visit again with my dear friend and Professor of Ancient Writing, and friends of Science in Nutrition and Biology,..
    ..Friday evening, Nov 20 1992, as I was preparing to rest at Amanda's (my foster daughter's sister attending BYU), I began to have some strangely different feeling;
of irritability, of aggravation, and contention! I felt extremely uncomfortable inside me, and disenchanted, with this strange and dark sensations and attitudes -- not experienced by me since before my experience near death and its change of June 30 1991.

   Strangely, Not desiring to enjoy, or even touch my scriptures and my 'Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith' (by Joseph Feilding Smith, Desert Book) -- my passion and comfort each day before, I did not pick them up! -- So not reading, I went to bed confused, not understanding this ugly difference in my feelings.

   The next day, with passing hours, these darker common feeling began to wane, -- and I came to know their cause. Returning to BYU -- and while lunching at the 'Cougar Eat' cafeteria, my understanding was made;
   I asked the hostess to verify the ingredients of the 'meatless cheeseless' taco I was about to order, but had eaten without question the afternoon before.
She returned to tell me that the beans were prepared with pork (fat and finely ground bacon, not visually detectable).

   In that moment, I refused the current order, and then quickly came to understand the cause of the contentious low and dark feelings of the night before!
   The Lords laws and their consequences are not be escaped, even in innocents or ignorance.

   I am confirmed again in my course!.. to maintain a pure body,.. as a home worthy of a pure spirit!

Thomas Lynn Rodgers.                                                               (for the web)

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